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In our fast-paced society, security is more important now than ever before. Advancements in technology and communication have indeed made our lives better, but at the same time, they have also amped up the threats we are facing every day. With the safety of clients in mind, we offer a wide range of security and protection services. Whatever security threats you are up against, you can rest assured that Jackson Protection Agency has you covered.


Organizational Protection
Jackson Protection Agency works continuously with organizations to provide security and allow them to operate with peace of mind. Effective and tight workplace security is crucial to any organization as it reduces compensations, liabilities, and other expenses that they have to pay to their stakeholders. As a result, organizations can increase their revenue and reduce operational costs.
Asset Protection
With the rising trend of criminal activities in commercial and residential areas, the need to protect one’s assets has become more pressing for property owners. With this in mind, Jackson Protection Agency offers physical security on valuable assets to prevent stolen or damaged possessions. With our security services, you can rest assured that your properties are safe from harm.
Executive Protection
Due to their high-profile status, VIPs and other well-known individuals face an increased level of personal threat—ranging from assault, kidnapping, stalking, intrusion, and assassination. They may not be as loved as perceived, and insider threats are hard to spot these days. For these individuals, high-quality protection is vital. Jackson Protection Agency provides top protection to executives, politicians, celebrities, and anyone who needs heightened security.
As goods are transported from one point to another, they are at risk to be damaged due to mishandling and other unforeseeable events. Not only that, with cargo theft becoming more prevalent in some states, you can never be complacent with your supply chain operations. That’s why Jackson Protection Agency specializes in logistics and offers excellent travel safety. Our services include both domestic and global travels, where border compliance is critical.
K-9 units are an integral part of law enforcement and security. However, unknown to the general public, training dogs to learn security measures is not an easy feat. Dogs and handlers require a great amount of training. That’s why Jackson Protection Agency has made sure to partner only with top K-9 teams that specialize in narcotics detection, explosives detection, and search and rescue operations.
Events, formal or informal, are intended for celebrations. No matter how well-planned an event is, once it starts, organizers can easily miss threats without the help of a security agency. From intruders to altercations, these situations can quickly escalate if not handled properly and promptly. Jackson Protection Agency will provide protection and security during events to ensure that all attendees can relax and enjoy without concern for their safety.
Modern breakthroughs in technology have not only improved our living conditions but also leveled up the security threats present in our community. That’s why being proactive through community outreach and public education is critical. Jackson Protection Agency provides information regarding safety techniques and procedures. We also hold online and in-person training classes. We will also provide a risk assessment.


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