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System Award Management

We provide any service necessary to fulfill your needs. Events, travel security, executive protection, K-9 services, and more! We are licensed, certified and registered to go with you wherever you need us. Along with services to our clients, we give back to the community as well by offering trainings, volunteer work, and employment opportunities. 

Why Us?

We take pride in forming great relationships with our clients. We ensure our work for you is catered to your direct needs. We help individuals, and organizations by allowing them to stay at peak levels and remain safe through the process. Click below, and reach out to get a free consultation! 


About JPA

Jackson Protection Agency is a Veteran owned and operated organization headquartered in Atlanta, GA with the intent on providing security while upholding the standards, codes and ethics.  Along with providing security work, we strive to educate and enrich the general public along the way. 

We are blessed to be operating in ten different states all over the US, and we plan to continue growth and development projects in even more major cities for the upcoming year. JPA prides itself on being an industry standard for the future with a global impact. 

JPA is committed to excellence and will always take time to help a stranger in need. We have a wide range of services and offer a series of basic classes both in person and online. Click below to find out more about the team and their vision! 


1740 Hudson Bridge Rd. Bx 1154

Stockbridge, GA 30281

Tel: (678) 793-3304

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