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Domestic and International


We specialize in logistics. We have partnered with some of the best in the world regarding travel and travel safety. We can go with you both globally and domestically for as many trips as you have on your calendar. Compliance is important when crossing borders. 

Luxury Motor Yacht

Physical Security


Physical security on your assets is important. If you travel often, social media will give the wrong tips to the wrong people and if nobody is safeguarding your valued possessions, they can be stolen or damaged in the blink of an eye. 


Classes and Consulting


We love educating the general public on various safety techniques and procedures. We can provide a risk assessment for your organization and provide guidance to ensure a strong risk management plan. We also provide classes for any public group or family on a number of different topics. 



Private or Corporate


We love taking part in your big events! Knowing you don't have to worry, makes us happy. Take pride in protecting your loved ones, business associates and/or assets especially in a time of celebration.  



Training, Handling and Sniffing 

Jackson Protection Agency is partnered with some of the best K9 and handler teams in America. Our K9 teams specialize in narcotics detection, explosives detection, and even search and rescue.



Personal Protection 


This is something most people don't believe they need until it's too late and someone shows them they are wrong. Insider threats are hard to spot. If you are well known, don't assume everyone loves you. 

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