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Behind the vision.

Ronnie Jackson CEO #jpastandard
Ronnie Jackson 
Founder and CEO 

Ronnie Jackson has an extensive law enforcement and military background. He served as a Deputy Sheriff with two different county Sheriff's departments. He retired a paratrooper and  Sergeant from the United States Army. Ronnie is a loving husband and father who has been committed to people's safety since day one. He is also the founder and CEO of our sister company, IME Fitness! 

Shea Jackson 
Chief Financial Officer

Shea Jackson earned a degree in business administration and minored in international business. Although she did not serve active duty in the armed forces, she had several years experience as a military spouse and saw first hand the importance of serving and protecting for our country’s freedom. Alongside being the CFO of Jackson Protection Agency, she is an actress/singer, wife, and mother to three beautiful children. 

Kyle Hartman 
Chief Operations Officer

Kyle Hartman is an Army Veteran who held a top secret security clearance and served multiple roles during his service. Kyle has a variety of skill sets to include communications, operational security,  logistical management/operations, and media relations. Kyle keeps us ahead of operations, and is the spearhead of continued growth and development for the business, it's partners and operators. Kyle is also a proud father. 

Scott Taylor 
K-9 Handler
Firearms Instructor 

Scott Taylor is on his thirteenth year with the Army. He is a Drill Sergeant, has been a combat engineer, a Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) instructor, a small arms instructor and loving father. He has been on three combat tours and is bringing his K-9 handling skills, explosives and narcotics detection to our communities. Scott is training with some of the best in the world and will be adding significant value to this operation. Scott  is the founder and CEO of Blackheart K9.

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