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Serving the Community with "Hope Thru Soap"

As a security company, we are incredibly thankful for the ability to be a positive influence within the community. We have formed many relationships with the city of Atlanta, surrounding counties and organizations one of which is a service-based partnership with our friends at Hope Thru Soap! What they are doing for the community and have done is incredible and we are blessed to be involved in their mission!

Hope Thru Soap is a massive mobile shower experience in the form of a block party that would roll through Atlanta's poverty-stricken areas. Along with a nice shower, the caravan came equipped with a mobile closet to get some clothes, free haircuts, and a hot meal. They crowds would enjoy music, laughter, dancing, warm food and a sense of regained dignity whenever the train came through.

Due to current events, the team has shifted their efforts to address the critical food and hygiene needs for the most vulnerable populations. We have had the pleasure of accompanying the team every weekend to pass out essentials and food. Since early march, Hope Thru Soap has provided 9,487 meals (34,951 lbs of caloric food), 5,453 hygiene kits, and educational material regarding Covid-19 and how the homeless can stay protected and get assistance.

With the ongoing efforts between our organizations, JPA has noticed the ability to support the growth of our guards and community together. Submersing our team members in different outreach programs such as passing out food, facilitating showers and haircuts, or voter registration booths is all proving to be incredibly valuable in their training, confidence and moral, leadership skills and people skills as well.

Hope Thru Soap has been featured by 11 Alive News, CNN, and USA Today for their work and continue to push through these trying times by giving back and living a life through servant leadership. Please visit for more blogs, updates, and information. Find more about volunteering, supporting, or ways to stay in the loop!

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