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This Atlanta Nonprofit Gives the Homeless a Hand-Up, Not Just a Hand-Out

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We strive for excellence in our work. It was brought to our attention that there was an organization with core values that aligned with ours. For over 35 years, Safehouse Outreach has been developing creative solutions to effectively transition the homeless to self sufficiency. We are thrilled to work with such a reputable organization to keep "safe" a relevant word in the title.

SafeHouse Outreach (SHO) is a nonprofit organization that works to get individuals from homelessness to a point of stability and independent living. SHO provides assistance in many forms with the help of their staff, friends, and volunteers. Time-tested programs are used in an integration effort along with the support for in-need and at-risk.

IMPACT Meals are the first step in client relationship development. SafeHouse Outreach hosts over 560 IMPACT events serving an average of 80,146 plates per year! Any business, church or organization can sign up to host an IMPACT event. These meals are accompanied by various exercises and activities.

Along with IMPACT Meals, they use a program called Problem Solvers which assists individuals with emergency and non-emergency needs. Some examples include referrals, medical treatment, clothing, and shelter. SHO additionally has a Career Development Program that brings career-readiness training, case management, housing assistance support, and many more resources and classes to the table.

Just to give some validation to how incredible this organization is, here are some figures from 2017 according to the SHO Annual Report. In 2017 alone they served over 30,000 meals to over 3,500 people. They hosted 24 nights as a cold weather warming center, helped 38 people get hired, helped 33 people with permanent housing, and they provided career training to 58 individuals as well. They don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

What can volunteers do?

SHO would not be as effective as it is without the love, support and dedication of it's volunteers. In 2017, there were 1,485 volunteers, 24 overnight groups and over 36,000 hours logged! There are many ways you can take part in helping this team! Click the image below to find out more!

Urban Nation:

Join a unique volunteering service that gives back to the individual volunteering, as well. Urban Nation is dedicated to growth and development of both parties involved.

The game plan for Jackson Protection Agency is to maintain a safe environment so this organization can continue changing people's lives. We are proud to work with this group of people. Never stop challenging your growth or purpose in life. We hope you enjoyed our blog, please be sure to share this with your friends so they too, can make a difference.

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